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Xtreme WHMCS WhatsApp Notifications

WHMCS WhatsApp Notifications revolutionize how you engage with clients through automated WhatsApp messages directly integrated into your WHMCS system.

Module Overview

Transform your customer interactions with the Xtreme WhatsApp Notifications WHMCS Module, your ultimate tool for automated, real-time communication. This state-of-the-art module integrates seamlessly with your WHMCS system to send instant WhatsApp notifications for various customer-related activities and administrative alerts. By connecting with our exclusive WhatsApp gateway available at AppsHub.PK, where you can select from a range of subscription plans tailored to fit your needs, this module ensures a robust, scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Event-Driven Notifications for Enhanced Engagement:

  • New Client Registration: Welcome new clients warmly and immediately with personalized greetings as soon as they sign up.
  • Login Alert: Keep clients secure with instant alerts for every account login, providing peace of mind with every access.
  • Password Changed: Reassure clients that their security settings are updated with confirmation messages whenever their password is changed.
  • New Product Activation: Excite your clients by notifying them the moment new products are ready for their use.
  • Service Suspension: Maintain clear communication by informing clients promptly if a service is suspended, ensuring they are not left wondering.
  • Product Changed: Keep clients well-informed with updates whenever there are changes to their products, enhancing their user experience.
  • Product Termination: Notify clients with respectful messages if a product or service is being discontinued, offering them alternatives or further assistance.
  • Service Reactivation: Boost client satisfaction by alerting them instantly when a previously suspended service is back online.
  • Domain Registration: Congratulate clients on successfully securing their new domain with a cheerful message.
  • Domain Renewal: Send timely reminders for domain renewals to help clients manage their online assets without hassle.
  • Invoice Created: Alert clients with details of newly created invoices, ensuring transparency and promptness in billing.
  • Invoice Payment Reminders: Gently remind clients of upcoming and due payments to avoid any service disruptions.
  • Invoice Overdue Reminder: Alert clients to overdue invoices with tactful reminders, helping them stay on top of their finances.
  • Invoice Cancellation: Notify clients immediately when an invoice is cancelled, keeping them updated on their account status.
  • Invoice Refunded: Inform clients when a refund has been processed, enhancing trust and satisfaction with your service.
  • Payment Confirmation: Confirm receipt of payments with quick, appreciative messages that encourage positive customer relations.
  • Ticket Opened: Notify clients when a support ticket is opened, setting expectations for resolution timelines.
  • Ticket Replied: Keep the dialogue going by informing clients whenever there is a new reply to their support tickets.
  • Ticket Closed: Close the loop with clients by notifying them when their issues are resolved and tickets are closed, ensuring they are satisfied with the service.
  • Admin Login: Enhance security with real-time alerts when an admin logs into the system, maintaining vigilant oversight.
  • Admin Ticket Opened: Keep admins in the loop with notifications of new support issues raised by clients, ensuring swift action.
  • Admin Ticket UserReplied: Alert admins whenever a client responds to a ticket, facilitating efficient and effective support management.


This module is designed not just to inform but to revolutionize how you engage with your clients, ensuring every interaction is timely, personal, and secure. By automating routine communications, it frees up your team to focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional service and growing your business. With Xtreme WhatsApp Notifications, step into a new era of customer communication where efficiency meets satisfaction, ensuring your clients stay happy and well-informed at every touchpoint.

Elevate your customer communication strategy with Xtreme WhatsApp Notifications and experience a surge in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Start today and see the difference real-time messaging can make to your business dynamics!

Empower Your WHMCS with these Features

Delve into the robust features of the Xtreme WhatsApp Notifications Module, each designed to optimize communication and enrich client engagement through your WHMCS system.

Automated Event Notifications

Automatically sends WhatsApp messages for events like new client registrations, service changes, and invoicing updates, ensuring timely communication without manual intervention.

Customizable Message Templates

Offers fully customizable templates to align messages with your brand identity and communication style, providing a personal touch in every notification.

Multilingual Support

Supports multiple languages, enabling you to communicate with international clients in their preferred language, thus broadening your customer engagement.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrates with your existing WHMCS setup, facilitating a smooth transition and quick start-up without requiring extensive configuration.

Real-Time Alerts

Delivers immediate notifications for critical actions like login alerts, password changes, and admin activities, enhancing security and responsiveness.

Comprehensive Coverage

Covers all phases of customer interaction from registration to product termination, including detailed alerts for domain registration and renewal.

Efficient Operations

Reduces workload on customer support by automating routine notifications, allowing your team to focus on more complex issues and customer interactions.

Enhanced Security

Ensures secure message delivery through encrypted channels, protecting both your business and customer data from unauthorized access.

High Reliability

Provides reliable message delivery with high uptime and consistency, ensuring that your notifications always reach your customers promptly.

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